Booking Conditions


All bookings for VOYA Boutique Hotel made through the website are subject to these Terms and Conditions as mentioned in the Legal Notice on this website from the moment the booking request is made through the web page. The booking will be confirmed through an email sent within 24 hours of the booking request.

During the booking process, the Guest will have given his/her express acceptance of the dates, hotel, rate and change and cancellation conditions for the chosen hotel. In the 24 hours following the completion of the booking, the Guest must check the email account that he/she provided. VOYA Boutique Hotel shall not be responsible if the Guest does not receive the confirmation email due to problems in his/her email account or server.

Service voucher and delivery of travel documentation.
Once the bookings are confirmed, they are guaranteed. VOYA Boutique Hotel will issue the booking confirmation with the dates that the Guest entered at the time of booking for the stay at VOYA Boutique Hotel Havana.

Conditions of cancellation
The terms and conditions regarding change and cancellation are listed at the beginning of this document and must be accepted before completing the purchase. VOYA Boutique Hotel is exempt from any responsibility derived from the Guest’s failure to read these terms and conditions or the omission thereof.

Modifications of the stay
If the Guest wishes to extend or shorten his/her stay in the hotel or modify the number or type of rooms, this must always be communicated to VOYA Boutique Hotel Havana by email, in order for the requested services to be managed according to the rate conditions.

If the change of dates incurs a change of rate, the rate corresponding to the dates of the stay will always be applied.

The prices stated are Public Sales Prices and include any taxes and service charges applicable at this moment. The prices related to the booking shall be stated during the booking process.

You are making a booking with the hotel through this website. During the booking process, you will have the option to pay with a VISA or Mastercard card. Upon completion of your payment, we will be informed that the booking has been paid and will we will confirm your booking. You will be charged the full amount of the booking immediately.

Price per night, according to the type of room and selected accommodation plan.

Any service that is not specified in addition to extras, such as accommodation tax (or any other ones, whatever their name), transfers, tips, telephone calls, laundry service, minibar, parking, etc.

Prices are only valid in writing and during the term stated therein. For justified reasons, VOYA Boutique Hotel reserves the right to modify these rates without prior notice.

Check-in and check-out times
As a general guideline and unless expressly agreed to with VOYA Boutique Hotel, the rooms may be used from 3:00 p.m. on the check-in day and must be vacated by 12:00 p.m. on the check-out day.

If the guest plans to arrive to the hotel and books dates or times different from the ones stated herein, to avoid problems and misunderstandings, it would be best to let VOYA Boutique Hotel know as soon as possible about such circumstance.

Passports, visas
All travellers without exception (children included) must have all personal and family documentation in order, whether that is a passport or national ID, according to the laws of Cuba. When required, the Guests will be responsible for obtaining visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. Minors (under 18 years old) must travel with their parents, legal guardians or with an adult duly authorized for those purposes, as documentation proving this could be requested by any authority. Hotel staff could request documentation identifying the adults as the parents/legal guardian or authorized parties. In case any Authority rejects a visa application for causes specific to the user, or if his/her entry into the country is rejected for not fulfilling certain requirements, or for not having the required documentation, or for not carrying such documentation with him/her, VOYA Boutique Hotel and decline all responsibility for such factors and the consumer is responsible for any expenses related thereto.

Good behaviour
The Guest pledges to use the services in a manner appropriate with the law, good morals, good customs and the public order, as well as those available in these General Terms and Conditions and the Internal Rules of VOYA Boutique Hotel Havana subject of the booking. As a result, the Guest is obligated to not use the Services for illegal purposes and/or purposes contrary to what is established in these General Terms and Conditions, that could harm the rights and/or interests of third parties or that could harm the image and reputation of VOYA Boutique Hotel.

Liability for material damage
VOYA Boutique Hotel or, when applicable, the commercial entity with which the Room Services have been contracted, will charge the guests the value of the material damage they have caused to the property or facilities by way of wilful misconduct or malice. The guest or the person responsible for the room will be charged the commercial value for the damage caused when they check out or leave the hotel.


Last update: April 2022.




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